Party Time!

The graduation party on Friday night was a total hit! My client wanted a tropical beach theme and we pulled it off perfectly. From the sushi trays and fruit skewers to the tropical decor and drinks, it was a fun party.

I spent the rest of the weekends with my girlfriends in Vail. A fabulous spa day and warm weather snowboarding mixed in with a fun night at the bars and good food = a great weekend!

Tip of the day: When throwing a party at your house, do just enough cleaning to keep it comfortable. Doing serious cleaning during the party can make your guests feel uneasy and guilty for making a mess. No one expects dirty dishes and glasses to vanish into thin air. If the host/hostess is having a good time and is relaxed, the guests will follow. Consider renting plates/dishes so that you can send them back dirty, hire help for planning and clean-up, prepare your trash cans with extra bags in the bottom to make for an easy and quick swap. Your guests want to enjoy the time with you at your house, not watch you clean dishes and scrape food.

You Can Plan a Wedding In Less Than 6 Months

I’m meeting a new client today to start planning her August 2007 wedding. Luckily, she already has a venue booked but we have a lot of work to do to plan the rest of her wedding. Many brides spend more than a year planning the perfect nuptials but how many could do a fabulous wedding on a budget in less than 6 months? The answer – everyone. Sure, you will have to make quicker decisions, locate reputable (and available) vendors, and you can’t spend months agonizing about the perfect centerpieces but you can get it done. With the help of a wedding planner, you can do it stress free and still remain in your budget. A good wedding planner will be able to locate available venues and know which reputable vendors still have summer dates available.

Friday weddings are a growing trend. I see a lot of brides choose Friday on purpose. They can have a fabulous party on Friday night, spend Saturday with their out of town guests and still have Sunday to relax and pack for the honeymoon.

Tip of the Day: If you are planning a wedding in less than 6 months, consider hiring a wedding planner. We are more affordable than you think and will save you time, money and stress so that you can truly enjoy the planning experience, have an incredible wedding and just show up on your big day without any worries.

A Great Day

Yesterday was a incredible wedding day for my clients. They are one of the most fun loving and happy couples that I know. It was obvious how perfect they are for each other and they had a fabulous time. The guests kept the dance floor packed all night and the staff at Arrowhead was wonderful.

Today is a beautiful, sunny day. My husband and I are going to breakfast then taking the dog with us for a hike in Boulder. Could it really be spring in Denver? I’m sure it will snow more but I’m loving this warmth.

Tip of the day: Many couples assume they have a year to send out thank you notes for their wedding gifts. This is simply not the case. Wherever that idea came from, it is completely wrong. The thank you notes should go out within 3 months after the wedding (6 months at the absolute latest). Your guests spent time and money to send you fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) gifts. Please take the time to write a lovely and prompt thank you note.

Wedding season officially started!

I can hardly believe wedding season is upon us again. January and February were busy with signing new clients and planning summer and fall 2007 weddings. Tomorrow is the first wedding of the season and I’m excited! The rehearsal went perfectly today and I can hardly wait to see the bride tomorrow. I hope the weather holds out for the outdoor ceremony. The matron of honor is a past client and she is singing during the ceremony tomorrow. It was great to see her again. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Tip of the day:
Your wedding planner should have these items in her emergency kit but just in case she doesn’t, don’t leave home without these items on your wedding day: white chalk, needle and white thread, bandaids, important cell phone numbers, face powder, breath mints.