The Wedding Planner vs. the Venue Coordinator


As we head into prime wedding season, it is a good time to revisit the dilemma so many engaged couples face – if you have found your venue, and it offers a “venue coordinator,” or “wedding coordinator,” is there any need to hire an independent wedding planner?

Many couples make the mistake of thinking that the two roles are the same, or at least very similar. Yes, there can be some overlap, but not much. In order to save you from finding out the hard way, we hope this post gives some clarification.

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Best Ideas for Sustainable and Eco-friendly Weddings in Colorado


More and more couples these days worry that their wedding might have too large an environmental “footprint.”  We wanted to share in detail Colorado’s own Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s (Steamboat area) publication for hosting a truly green and sustainable wedding, it is that good. The tips give a range from modestly to extremely eco-friendly wedding ideas.The full guide can be found here.

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To Trend or not to Trend in the New Year?

We are so excited for the 2017 wedding season – for both our existing clients and those we will soon meet!

This time of year we are always flooded with information about “Wedding Trends” for the coming season. Everywhere you look there are articles and blogs about what is “trending” for the coming year, or what trends are over, what trends to avoid, etc. etc.

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Real Wedding Boulder – Marnie & Wes

Rembrandt Yard Wedding

Fun wedding party pictures

Wedding Party in Boulder

green wedding shoes

Boulder wedding photos



We are so excited to have recently received a few more pictures from our August wedding at Rembrandt Yard in Boulder. Marnie and Wes are an adorable couple who found us all the way from Minnesota. Their destination Colorado wedding was fantastic. The sunny day was perfect for their ceremony and their lounge reception gave the evening a relaxed vibe.

You can see our original post with vendor credits here.

Gabriella Cavalli
Boulder Wedding Planner