The Wedding Planner vs. the Venue Coordinator



As we head into prime wedding season, it is a good time to revisit the dilemma so many engaged couples face – if you have found your venue, and it offers a “venue coordinator,” or “wedding coordinator,” is there any need to hire an independent wedding planner?

Many couples make the mistake of thinking that the two roles are the same, or at least very similar. Yes, there can be some overlap, but not much. In order to save you from finding out the hard way, we hope this post gives some clarification.

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Best Ideas for Sustainable and Eco-friendly Weddings in Colorado


More and more couples these days worry that their wedding might have too large an environmental “footprint.”  We wanted to share in detail Colorado’s own Yampa Valley Sustainability Council’s (Steamboat area) publication for hosting a truly green and sustainable wedding, it is that good. The tips give a range from modestly to extremely eco-friendly wedding ideas.The full guide can be found here.

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To Trend or not to Trend in the New Year?

We are so excited for the 2017 wedding season – for both our existing clients and those we will soon meet!

This time of year we are always flooded with information about “Wedding Trends” for the coming season. Everywhere you look there are articles and blogs about what is “trending” for the coming year, or what trends are over, what trends to avoid, etc. etc.

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Colorado Wedding Inspiration | Trending Now

We love the range of styles that our clients have – everything from the comfort and organic feeling of farm-to-table to the elegant and sophisticated ballroom luxury! Colorado brides are as diverse as our nation, but we have found some very specific trends that are unique to our beautiful state.

rustic wedding cakeMountain Luxury – Combining the rustic with the ruffled can be so eloquently done! Adding a splash of glitter to a pinecone or pairing a sweet feminine cake on a rugged tree slice cake stand are just a few simple ways to create a luxury mountain vibe.  We love how mountain luxury can be gender neutral as well – your fiancé can get involved in cutting the wood or locating fallen branches or pinecones while you and your planner add the glitz!

tent wedding colorado

Bringing the Inside, Out – We have all heard of al fresco dining. This is accurately and specifically defined as, dining outdoors. We all love to dine outdoors in moderate temperatures. But this is rather different! It is bringing the inside, out! Many of our clients love to locate a perfect spot of land for their wedding and make use of a clear-topped tent. The tent can be fully equipped with everything that you would normally find indoors – tables, chairs, lighting and food. But the view you are surrounded by is panoramic outdoors!

Colorado outdoor winter wedding

Winter Weddings – Colorado is not the only state that boasts a beautiful winter wonderland during our colder months. However, I must say that we have the most beautiful winter wedding locations that are Colorado-inspired! How about a vintage snow-sport theme? Maybe a wedding right next to a chairlift with a reception in a ski lodge? Or maybe you love the idea of getting hitched in a historic cabin surrounded by evergreens? All of these are possible in our beautiful state of Colorado.

Looking for help to plan your Colorado wedding? Check out 10 reasons to work with Save the Date Events.

Do’s and Don’ts For Your Mountain Wedding – Part III

Winter Mountain Wedding

Today is the last part of our series on the do’s and don’ts of mountain weddings. Feel free to add your advice and experience in the comments. Don’t miss out on expert wedding planning advice, subscribe here.

Expert Help – Don’t go it alone. Never plan a destination wedding completely on your own. In doing so, you are risking disappointments like your cake not showing up, choosing the less-than-ideal location, your flowers being late, etc. Consider hiring a professional experienced planner who has your best interests in mind. The time and peace of mind you receive will be well worth the expense.

Trust Your Expert Help – Once you hire your planner and vendors, trust them. You’ve found the best vendors to handle your day. Trust your judgment and their guidance, especially in a location where you may or may not have visited. While things like what time the sun sets behind the mountains and the effects of altitude may not be of concern to you, it will definitely be on the mind of your wedding planner as well as your other vendors, who are ultimately there to ensure you have a flawless wedding day.

Do’s and Don’ts For Your Mountain Wedding – Part II


Today is the second of our three part series on mountain weddings. We are focusing on the do’s and don’ts of mountain weddings in Colorado. Whether you have lived in Colorado your whole life or are planning a destination wedding in Colorado, there are unique circumstances and logistics for mountain weddings. You can read the first part of the series here.

Your Decor – Please wind proof your décor. When creating place cards, favors and other décor for your mountain celebration, keep in mind that the wind can be your enemy at an outside wedding ceremony and reception. You can personalize and wind proof these details with a little creativity. If tall centerpieces are your dream, have the florist secure the centerpieces to a heavy object such as a larger mirror or put extra weight in the bottom of the vase.

Altitude – Some guest won’t even notice the change in altitude while others may feel sick when they land in Denver. Inform your guests about the effects of altitude, especially if you are having a high-mountain wedding and alcohol.

Embrace the culture – Mountain life is like no other. Don’t be afraid to incorporate aspen bark, leaves, pinecones and other rustic details into your wedding. If the groom is an avid skier, make a mountain out of your groom’s cake. If you both love to mountain bike, have a graphic designer create a monogram reflecting your hobby.

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