Bachelorette Party Ideas in Denver

Today we wanted to share with you some fabulous ideas for your special Girls Night Out aka The Bachelorette Partay! While the boys are having their own fun, the ladies can have some seriously exciting activities of their own. Drum roll…Let me introduce the hottest dance studio in town, Tease Studio.Tease can offer customized one-hour parties for the bachelorette and her ladies that can focus on pole dancing, lap dancing and burlesque. This is a fun way to start your night out, and they are conveniently located close to downtown!



We also love the idea of some serious pampering! For this, we turn to the experts at Tootsies – The Nail Shoppe. Tootsies focuses on extremely sanitary nail care (as well as the reputation for keeping the nail polish on longer than anywhere else – how do they do that??) For your bachelorette party, Tootsies is a great choice because they have so much experience, have a fantastic atmosphere and prepare complimentary Hpnotiq “Tootsies Toniq” cocktails for these parties!


If you want to use either of these fabulous ideas, consult your wedding coordinator to plan these parties!

Engagement Photo Tips and Advice

1. Dress in a way that makes you feel good. If you are most comfortable in jeans, wear your favorite pair. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to dress but keep in mind that extra tight or extra baggy are not going to be your best choices for photos. Generally, solid prints with fun accessories photograph well. Bold prints and patterns tend to take over the focus of the photo.

2. With #1 in mind, you also want to dress in a similar style to your fiancé. If you wear jeans, he shouldn’t be wearing a suit.

3. Can’t decide on one outfit? Bring a few. It’s okay to change mid-way through the photo shoot. Two outfits are good. Five are too many.

4. Wear make-up. Even if you don’t usually wear any, at least consider mascara and lip gloss. The camera makes your everyday make-up seem like you aren’t wearing any so add a little extra on the day of your engagement photos or splurge on a professional to apply your make-up.

5. Bring your pet. If your dog is a big part of your life, bring your furry friend for a few photos.

Your Colorado wedding photographer will have more tips and advice for you to look and feel your best for your engagement photo session.

Getting Remarried – Planning Tips

Colorado wedding couples who are getting married for the second time have to consider details that first-timers do not. Here are a few Q&A tips for second (or third) weddings:

1. Can the bride wear white again? Absolutely. The wedding is all about what the bride and groom want. There are no set etiquette rules for what the bride wears for her second wedding.

2. Should the ex-spouse be notified? Yes, it is common courtesy to let him or her know as soon as possible, especially if children are involved.

3. Is it okay to register for gifts? Yes. Every new marriage represents a fresh start and guests will want to give the couple a proper gift.

4. Should children be involved in the wedding planning process? Yes, if possible. Involving the children will allow them a chance to speak up about aspects of the ceremony or reception that may make them feel uncomfortable. It also allows them to warm up to the situation over time.