10 Year Anniversary Continued

As we continue to celebrate Debbie and all that she has accomplished, we wanted to share a few words from some of the industry pro’s who have been with Debbie from the beginning. To top it off we searched the archives for some pictures of Debbie from the past. (Thanks Chris!) Enjoy!

Debbie Orwat is simply one of the most positive, uplifting and inspiring people I have ever known. I honestly believe that the Colorado wedding world is encouraging of others because Debbie told us to be that way.  Leading by example, Debbie is the first one to celebrate another planners success, to be honest and open when anyone has a question and always has a really really good story to share.  I am lucky to call her a friend.

Kara Delay, Owner of Love this Day Events

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The first time we met back in 2008, we were both new moms establishing our companies, balancing work and life. I remember trying to find a time that would work for both of us without the kids and in the end we decided to let them tag along. It was a bit of a juggling act watching two kids as while we shared what our companies were all about and our goals for the future. But what I remember most was that our meeting was filled with laughter (as Tyler ran across the couch) and support for each other. You are such an inspiration to so many people. And the best roomie a girl could have for Engage. Thank you so much for sharing such amazing opportunities with me and helping me grow in both my business and personal endeavors.

Rachael Teufel, Owner of Intricate Icings

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I vividly recall the first wedding that we worked together on at Grant Humphrey’s Mansion, although I cannot recall the specific date. (I am guessing it was in 2005 or 2006?) Until that day, my little experience with wedding planners (you were not as prevalent then!) was that they typically added chaos to the day (and a touch of drama) and seemed to avoid the lifting and set up responsibilities.

I immediately noticed your calm demeanor and organized manor on-site. Even better, I noted your insistence that yes, you could easily relocate the six small hanging aisle arrangements after the ceremony to the mantle, which ultimately meant I could go home. As you can imagine, I was a one-woman show then and that gift of two hours of time was gold (particularly because I likely did not charge the client enough or my time anyway).

You were a pleasure to work with and you, you alone completely changed my outlook on wedding planner capabilities. Since then, I have watched you orchestrate much larger and more complicated orders with the same calm demeanor, the same organized manor, and now with the grace of a decade of experience. Some of my favorite weddings with you include Liz and Travis’ Steamboat ranch extravaganza (what wasn’t to love?!), Jessica and Mike at Crooked Willow Farms (those bright summer colors!) and Jenni and Brett at the Broadmoor (those elaborate centerpieces!). I have countless other wonderful memories and photographs of events that I have worked with your team on as well.

I also recall our lunch at Stella years ago when you shared that you had really exciting new business news… what was soon to be StudioWed. Many have tried to replicate your idea, but few have succeeded. Congratulations on ten years of success. I hope you take a moment to pause and reflect and be proud of yourself for your awesome work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Erin Hornstein, Owner Plum Sage Flowers

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  1. I’m so fortunate to have known Debbie for so long. I can’t believe ten years went by so quickly! She has established incredible businesses that are so well-respected in the industry. She always treats others with the utmost respect and is always available to serve her fellow professionals. We are so lucky to have her here in Denver. Wishing you many, many happy and successful years ahead, Debbie. Thank you for your friendship. All my love, Nil

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