2014 Wedding Hair Styles | Inspiration Board

2013-updo-styles 2014 Wedding Hair Styles | Inspiration Board

We are thoughtfully reminiscing about all of the amazing weddings of this past season, and looking forward to all of the weddings still to come! We have seen many seasons come and go, and many styles change along the years. Let’s look at some hairstyles we think will be big for next year!

A large braided bun with blunt cut doll bangs will keep you looking polished and youthful. Bohemian style is a perfect option for the outdoor wedding. Attaching flower buds into a braid or adding a feather-and-flower pin to your messy and luscious bun gives it a casual yet decadent feeling. And this braid!! We are loving this loose, yet strategic, braid that waterfalls across her back.

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