A Few More Notes About Green Weddings

I’ve had many more inquiries lately about green weddings. Many brides and grooms are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Even if you aren’t worried about making your entire wedding green, here are a few more tips to help out the environment while planning your celebration:

• Consider having your ceremony at a location or venue that’s already dedicated to or interested in sustainability such as parks, protected areas, or museums.

• Use reusable dishware, utensils, napkins and tablecloths. If reusable durable food service items are not available, use recyclable food service items.

• Consider choosing something that you can wear again or opt to donate your apparel to a charity like the I Do Foundation, which is also a great resource for information on raising money charity through your wedding.

• Since gold and diamond mining can release toxins into the environment, consider silver, which is lower impact, or buy a vintage ring and have it resized.

• Send out save-the-date announcements and invitations by email. You may also want to create a website with details about your wedding, so you don’t have to print all of the information. Etiquette-wise, this makes me cringe but on the other hand, I love the idea of reducing paper and ink consumption.

There is so much information online to help you make environmentally conscious decisions while planning your wedding. As a wedding planner, I’m always researching ways to help my environmentally conscious clients.