A Green Wedding

The latest wedding trend is the green wedding—a natural, all-organic wedding that is both chic and environmentally conscious. Brides and grooms who are environmentally conscious are seeking out great ways to save energy and resources without sacrificing style. Try some of these wedding tips to make your big day something green!

  • Sunshine is the Perfect Backdrop – Take your wedding photos outside. Say goodbye to wasteful flash photography and drab indoor lighting.
  • Natural Invitations and Stationary. Design all your stationary using recycled paper products.
  • Candle Décor – Display candles on the tables at different heights. Candles use less resources than flowers or lights, and they can be used for years to come.
  • Recycled Guest Book – Use a gorgeous coffee table book that you already own as the guest book. Not only will this save a lot of trees, it will also be a very unique guest book.
  • Organic food – Some caterers now offer organic and locally grown options for your reception celebration
  • Tasty, Organic Favors – Why not make organic favors using the bride or groom’s favorite chocolate? Make your own or purchase your chocolates and wrap them in recycled paper.
  • Reuse Ceremony Décor – Turn your ceremony flowers into reception centerpieces and decor.
  • In-Season Flowers- By ordering in-season flowers, you can support local farms and use less resources than you would if you ordered them from overseas which is very common in the floral industry.
  • Opt for Live Music – Un-microphoned music uses fewer resources than bands that require massive amounts of equipment or electricity.

Remember, it is all about re-invention. Reuse and recycle products during the entire event and let Mother Nature provide the décor. Local, outdoor Colorado scenery provides amazing backdrops and makes the perfect natural setting.