After the Wedding – What to do with the dress?

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding…. I can’t decide. Mine has been sitting in my closet for the past 8 months. I think donating it might be right for me. Did you know that there are charities setup specifically for wedding gowns. Making Memories is one of these charities. Making Memories is a Breast Cancer charity. They take donated gowns and sell them at special events across the country with the proceeds going to help provide support, equipment, and research to put an end to breast cancer. Another charity is the I Do Foundation. They sell donated gowns and then donate 20% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. The rest of the proceeds stay with them. There are also organizations who collect donated dresses in order to help out others who can not afford their own. The Fairytale Dreams Program provides wedding gowns for brides who can not afford them otherwise, as well as prom gowns for girls.

How about all those old bridesmaid gowns? I have a closet full of them. The Glass Slipper Project assists young girls who can not afford a prom gown. Bridesmaid gowns and informal wedding gowns that would work for prom could be donated to help a young girl have a dream prom.

Of course, you can simply sell it yourself and donate the money.