Aspiring Wedding Planners

I am amazed at how many emails I get requesting jobs and internships. I know many other wedding consultants are also inundated with the same type of requests. I try to reply when I have time but wanted to give these quick tips to those girls (and guys) who want to get into this industry.

  • The Association of Bridal Consultants is a good place to start. Take classes, join the association, go to meetings, get certified, etc.
  • Learn the facts about starting a business. There are contracts, laws, insurance, taxes, business structure, etc to learn about before you consider starting a business.
  • You DO need a good attorney and tax professional on your side before you start your business.
  • As consultants, our reputation is always on the line. My assistants are well trained and very good. We can’t risk bringing a new assistant in who has no experience in any part of the wedding industry. Remember this when you are contacting wedding consultants for an internship.
  • Get a part-time job in a bridal shop or with a catering company. Learn the ropes and get some experience.
  • Get educated! There are a lot of online programs and community college programs for you to learn about event planning.
  • Wedding planning seems like such a glamorous job. It isn’t. I am very passionate about it and I absolutely love what I do. However, working the wedding day is the toughest job I’ve ever had. Keep that in mind when you are considering this field.