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I am a wedding planner, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that I tried to plan my pregnancy as well! I really wanted to have our kiddo to be born in the spring so that I could still take part in wedding season. My husband said this was not something that I could plan… little did he know, that my pregnancy came about exactly as planned! From the beginning, my husband wanted to leave the gender of the baby a surprise. Because I am such a planner, it took me a while to come around to the idea of being in-the-dark about whether we were having a boy or girl. In the end I am glad that we waited; it was a great moment to find out that we had a little girl! That being said, it was a huge challenge for Laura and Ann to do a unique gender neutral baby shower.
Ann and Laura created a party that was perfectly me. My mother-in-law spent 7 months hand quilting an AMAZING nursery rhyme quilt for baby Emma, it served as the inspiration for the whole party. Laura is a doctor and Ann is a computer specialist so planning a baby shower was not really in their wheelhouse. I was blown away by their thoughtful detail, great food, and fun non-cheesy games.
They made signs for the food that played perfectly with the nursery rhyme theme, had baby shower bingo (which was a big hit) and tested the guests knowledge of classic nursery rhymes with a fill in the blank game! Each guest took time to create a custom onesie or big for baby Emma. I think the one thing I will always remember about my shower is how genuinely happy everyone was, the funny stories, and the love that I felt for me and baby Emma. When I was looking through the amazing pictures from fabulous photographer and friend, Gina, I couldn’t help but notice all of the laughter and how happy everyone was.
I could not ask for a better group of people to celebrate my shower with. Laura and Ann pulled of a flawless baby shower. Special thank you to Gina, Jason + Gina Photographers for taking pictures and to Rachael of Intricate Icings for the amazing cake.
Emma Lynn Swanson was born on April 9, 2013. I can’t thank Ann and Laura enough for all their hard work, thoughtfulness and love.
For the record I think only three people over the 9 months thought that I was having a girl, everyone else was convinced it was going to be a boy. Just goes to show you that the world has amazing surprises in store for all of us!