Do’s and Don’ts For Your Mountain Wedding – Part I

amy-and-doug010-332x500 Do's and Don'ts For Your Mountain Wedding - Part I

For the next week, we are focusing on the do’s and don’ts of mountain weddings in Colorado. Whether you have lived in Colorado your whole life or are having a destination wedding here, there are unique circumstances and logistics for mountain weddings.

Hair and Make-up – Be realistic about your hair and makeup options. While a Colorado mountain wedding can be a dream come true, wind, cold and rain can do damage to hair and makeup. When planning a mountain wedding, take the elements into consideration before choosing your hair style. For an outdoor ceremony, seriously consider an updo. This tried and true style will keep you looking polished all night. If you are determined to wear your locks down, invest in a stylist to spend the day with you touching up your makeup and hair so you do not have a tangled and messy hairstyle by the time you enter the reception.

Your Guests – Do plan to entertain your guests. A mountain wedding is definitely more work than a wedding in Denver or in your hometown. You are not only inviting guests to your wedding, but you have also invited them on vacation. Plan activities at the ski resort, a welcome reception complete with smores, an easy day hike or other simple activities where your guests can spend time with you without breaking their budget.

Wedding Week Activities – On the other hand, don’t feel obligated to plan every minute. Guests are on vacation too. Do provide them with activity options and a short itinerary for the week so they know where to find you. However, definitely allow them time to explore on their own. Your wedding website is a good place to list local activities for your guests.

Guest List – Don’t expect everyone you invite to attend. Traveling is expensive, especially to some of the mountain towns in Colorado. Because of this, expect a certain percentage of your guests to decline your invite. While this can be initially disappointing, it will make for a much more intimate celebration.

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