Do’s and Don’ts For Your Mountain Wedding – Part II

vail-wedding Do's and Don'ts For Your Mountain Wedding - Part II

Today is the second of our three part series on mountain weddings. We are focusing on the do’s and don’ts of mountain weddings in Colorado. Whether you have lived in Colorado your whole life or are planning a destination wedding in Colorado, there are unique circumstances and logistics for mountain weddings. You can read the first part of the series here.

Your Decor – Please wind proof your décor. When creating place cards, favors and other décor for your mountain celebration, keep in mind that the wind can be your enemy at an outside wedding ceremony and reception. You can personalize and wind proof these details with a little creativity. If tall centerpieces are your dream, have the florist secure the centerpieces to a heavy object such as a larger mirror or put extra weight in the bottom of the vase.

Altitude – Some guest won’t even notice the change in altitude while others may feel sick when they land in Denver. Inform your guests about the effects of altitude, especially if you are having a high-mountain wedding and alcohol.

Embrace the culture – Mountain life is like no other. Don’t be afraid to incorporate aspen bark, leaves, pinecones and other rustic details into your wedding. If the groom is an avid skier, make a mountain out of your groom’s cake. If you both love to mountain bike, have a graphic designer create a monogram reflecting your hobby.

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