Do’s and Don’ts For Your Mountain Wedding – Part III

wedd-sample-048-500x333 Do's and Don'ts For Your Mountain Wedding - Part III

Today is the last part of our series on the do’s and don’ts of mountain weddings. Feel free to add your advice and experience in the comments. Don’t miss out on expert wedding planning advice, subscribe here.

Expert Help – Don’t go it alone. Never plan a destination wedding completely on your own. In doing so, you are risking disappointments like your cake not showing up, choosing the less-than-ideal location, your flowers being late, etc. Consider hiring a professional experienced planner who has your best interests in mind. The time and peace of mind you receive will be well worth the expense.

Trust Your Expert Help – Once you hire your planner and vendors, trust them. You’ve found the best vendors to handle your day. Trust your judgment and their guidance, especially in a location where you may or may not have visited. While things like what time the sun sets behind the mountains and the effects of altitude may not be of concern to you, it will definitely be on the mind of your wedding planner as well as your other vendors, who are ultimately there to ensure you have a flawless wedding day.