Exciting Launch News! The Planner’s Lounge

become-a-wedding-planner Exciting Launch News! The Planner's Lounge

After a lot of work and determination, I am excited to announce the launch of Planner’s Lounge! Planner’s Lounge is a site for wedding and event planners to relax, talk, learn and inspire. I have craved this kind of community and am thrilled to finally share it. Planner’s Lounge includes helpful articles about business, event design tips, news about upcoming industry conferences and a business resources page. I invite you to check it out today, “Like” us on Facebook and sign up for our exclusive email updates. When you sign up for our emails, you will receive a complimentary guide with 20 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Event Planners.  Planner’s Lounge is also a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to become a wedding planner.

Thank you to my team at Save the Date Events and the other wedding professionals who have supported me in launching the Planner’s Lounge. I appreciate your friendship and incredible support!