Getting Remarried – Planning Tips

Colorado wedding couples who are getting married for the second time have to consider details that first-timers do not. Here are a few Q&A tips for second (or third) weddings:

1. Can the bride wear white again? Absolutely. The wedding is all about what the bride and groom want. There are no set etiquette rules for what the bride wears for her second wedding.

2. Should the ex-spouse be notified? Yes, it is common courtesy to let him or her know as soon as possible, especially if children are involved.

3. Is it okay to register for gifts? Yes. Every new marriage represents a fresh start and guests will want to give the couple a proper gift.

4. Should children be involved in the wedding planning process? Yes, if possible. Involving the children will allow them a chance to speak up about aspects of the ceremony or reception that may make them feel uncomfortable. It also allows them to warm up to the situation over time.

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