Halloween Party Ideas

We were honored to be featured on Fox 31 News, Channel 7 News, 9 News AND on Channel 2 in the past month! We shared many fun ideas for fall and Halloween entertaining and party ideas.

Here are a few of our super easy do-it-yourself projects you can create:

HalloweenPartyIdeas1 Halloween Party Ideas

Draw adorable pumpkin faces on oranges or on mandarin orange cups for your kiddos or to pass out on Halloween. Use Halloween party sprinkles to add style to your candle holders. Print the word “EEK” (or BOO) on individual sheets of vellum paper and wrap around cylinder vases with candles inside! We used two layers of vellum to create this look with a layer of gold over top of a damask print vellum.

 HalloweenDecorIdeas Halloween Party Ideas

Consider decorating your pumpkins with ribbon instead of carving them. Print a fun sign on your home computer that says “If you are reading this sign then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you” or print the words “BOO” in a fun font and place in photo frames you already have at home. You can download a free Halloween font from dafont.com. Fill vases with candy corn, coffee beans and corn to make fun centerpieces with candles. Add pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes to your mini pumpkins then cut out the top and put a candle inside for a fun centerpiece, kid’s craft or party decoration!

HalloweenCrafts Halloween Party Ideas

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies! Use them to cut fun shapes with cheese, watermelon, bread or luncheon meat. Cut out a large pumpkin, fill with ice and use it to keep drinks cold at your Halloween party. Serve apple cider inside a cored apple and accent with a cinnamon stick! Make those Halloween cupcakes with fun spider webs by simply drawing 3 circles on top of the frosting with black piping gel (the circles should look like a target) then pull a toothpick in a straight line from the center circle through the icing and past the outside circle. Repeat until you have a spider web on top.

You can watch our live news segments here:

Debbie on Channel 2 News

Debbie on Channel 9 News partyplannerdenver Halloween Party Ideas