Hidden Costs in Your Wedding Budget

wedding-budget Hidden Costs in Your Wedding Budget

There are so many details that go into your wedding budget. Here are a few details that often get missed by brides and grooms:

Music Related – Aside from the cost of booking your band, they often require hot meals and a changing room. If you have a ten piece band with a few sound technicians, you could be providing hot meals for up to 12 band members plus a hotel room or two. You many need to add on travel charges and possible overnight accommodations if you are getting married in the mountains. Your band or string quartet will also require shade if your event is outside. This could be a simple pop-up shade tent or a more elaborate set up, depending on your band and venue.

Gown Alterations – This can be as simple as a $100 hem or up to $500+, depending on what you need. Ask what the store charges for every alteration before you purchase the gown. Consider a less expensive seamstress instead of using the bridal store for alterations. If you use a private seamstress, ask if they steam the gown after alterations and if they store it for you until the wedding.

Welcome Bag Delivery – Many hotels don’t mention this when you block rooms. Be sure to ask what they charge. Some hotels charge $7 or more per bag to deliver to each guest room. Other hotels will simply pass them out to your guests at check-in.

Debbie Orwat
Colorado Wedding Planner