Hiring your DJ

Just like any other vendor, there are a lot more things to consider than just the cost of the vendor. I have my list of questions and so do my clients who are attending meetings without me but here are a few more thoughts.

A few more things to consider when hiring your entertainment:

Do you like his personality? You should be meeting with the actual DJ who will be at your wedding, not the owner of the company who doesn’t do weddings.

Will he take time to meet with you at least 1-2 times prior to the wedding so that all of you are on the same page?

Will he take time to learn the pronunciation of all the names he will have to announce?

How is his voice? Is confident? Have him make a wedding party announcement for you at your initial meeting.

What is his reputation? Have you talked to his references? How long has been in business?

Will he be able to entertain your guests? Will he be able to capture their attention and turn it to the first dance or cake cutting?

How will he be dressed? Jeans at a wedding are never okay for a vendor at the wedding.