Holly & Seth are engaged!

blog2-gerard-10251-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!
blog2-gerard-100211-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!
blog2-gerard-10041-322x500 Holly & Seth are engaged!
blog2-gerard-10081-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!
blog2-gerard-10091-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog-gerard-10141-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog-gerard-10081-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog-gerard-10131-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog-gerard-10071-322x500 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog2-gerard-10151-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog2-gerard-10161-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog2-gerard-10181-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!blog2-gerard-101711-500x379 Holly & Seth are engaged!

Thank you SO much to Fuse Photographic for these stunning and adorable photos of Holly & Seth’s engagement shoot. These two are so skilled at art and design, and love incorporating their love of a beautiful aesthetic into their wedding at Chatfield Gardens in August.

I am dying over the ice cream and the vintage Polaroid shots, and cannot stop laughing at their adorable faces inside their initials – too funny!

This engagement shoot is funky fresh and I am loving it! Thanks again to Holly & Seth, and the talented Fuse Photographic!