Interesting Wedding Facts

Did you know that…

  • The average engagement is 16 months
  • The current, longest running marriage is 79 years
  • The average age for a woman to get married is 25, the average age for the man is 27
  • Only 4% of men ask for their partner’s parents approval before proposing
  • The longest engagement on record before marrying is 67 years!

Can you imagine being engaged for 67 years? That is A LOT of wedding planning! I think my dad is trying out for this record. He has been engaged to a wonderful woman for more than 10 years with no wedding date in sight. I hope it happens soon.

Tip of the Day: Traditionally, an engagement party is hosted by the bride’s family. In the past it was one of those occasions dominated by the older generation with lots of formal introductions and a chance to see if the newlyweds-to-be had families that could measure up to each other. Sound fun? Not so much.

If you want an engagement party, you can plan your own. It can be a really low-key, informal engagement party. Let Mom and Dad participate, but sweetly tell them you want to run the show. Then make it your night to do all the introductions.