Introducing Gabby as a New Blogger

0063 Introducing Gabby as a New Blogger

A little bit about me:
I stumbled upon the world of wedding planning mostly by accident. In college, I was required to complete an internship in order to graduate. There weren’t many available, but one did catch my eye: Texas Weddings, one of the largest wedding publications in the state, needed an assistant for one of their sales representatives. I applied and was accepted, and there was no turning back.

During my time interning at Texas Weddings I was exposed to many aspects of the wedding industry and found that I enjoyed them all. From touring new wedding venues, to acting as a photo shoot set assistant on multiple occasions, to organizing fashion shows at various open houses and trunk shows, to sitting in on meetings between brides and their potential vendors – I loved it all. This was right up my alley, and after my internship was over I continued to be involved in the wedding industry working for my first mentor.

When I finished college, I knew exactly what field I wanted to be in. I first worked for a beautiful venue on Lake Travis as one of their three event planners. Eventually I opened my own company, Glass Slipper Events. When my husband’s job brought us to Denver, I found Save the Date Events and immediately started working with Debbie.

I will always remember the first wedding I organized back in Texas. It was an older Asian couple, and their ceremony was a mix of traditional Vietnamese and Christian rituals. The day went smoothly, to my great relief, and everyone had a lovely time. I have coordinated over 30 weddings since then, each one unique and beautiful.

There are two moments at a wedding that I love the most. The first is when the bride first steps out of the changing room, glowing, flowers in hand, hair in place, ready to walk down the aisle. This is actually the most stressful part of the day for me as a wedding planner, but I know it is The Big Moment for the bride. My other favorite moment is when the ceremony is over and the reception has not yet begun – that small piece of time that the bride and groom have to themselves. Beautiful.

I am really excited to now be involved in the Denver wedding and event planning scene. I’m very familiar  with the vendors and venues, and have assisted and coordinated numerous weddings since I began work with Save the Date Events. I am a religious reader of wedding-related blogs and magazines which helps me stay current with all the trends and styles. I will be posting a blog entry every week, each related to an important aspect of a wedding.

You can read more about me in this blog post.  Stay tuned for my etiquette series starting on Monday!

Gabby Cavalli, Colorado Wedding Planner
Save the Date Events