LOVE my job

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do? I mean REALLY love what I do? I can’t even venture a guess at how many hours I work in a week during the summer but you know what? It never seems like a job. If I could work 24 hours a day scouring magazines and websites for ideas for my clients, I would. My husband always jokes that he has to get me out of the house for me to actually stop working for a few hours. I’m always on the hunt for new venues, vendors, unique ideas and finding ways to improve the wedding planning experience for my clients. I love the business aspect as well. There are endless new ways to improve my website, my business and myself as a wedding planner.

On another note, I am thrilled to be done with all the invitations for the 2008 weddings. We have ordered, addressed, assembled, stamped and mailed more than 1000 invites in the past few months for our clients. The last batch went in the mail this morning and we are relieved!