Marley As Your Ring Bearer?

dog+ring+bearer Marley As Your Ring Bearer?
I don’t know about other states, but here in Colorado having your dog as your ring bearer is just as common as having your niece as the flower girl.  Here are few words of wisdom if you are considering this.
1. Check with your ceremony site for rules. Obviously if you are getting married in a church, you probably won’t have Fido with you.  Many venues automatically include a rule in the contract that dogs are not allowed. In our experience, some venues will change the contract for you to allow your beloved pup to be part of the ceremony.
2.  Assign a designated person to transport your dog to and from the ceremony.  This should be a person who your dog knows very well and is comfortable with.  I do not recommend having your dog at the reception.  With all the food and strangers, it is not the best situation for your pet or for your guests.
3.  Evaluate your dog before making a final decision.   If your dog is Nervous Nelly around big groups of people or pees every time she gets excited, having her in the ceremony might not be a good choice.  Consider how she acts around others, in strange places and when you are in her view but can’t give her attention.
4.  Consider other ways to include your dog in the wedding festivities.  If you don’t think your pup will be able to carry out her duties without causing undo stress to both of you, arrange to have photos taken with her before the ceremony or have her around at the post wedding BBQ.
5.  This may sound trivial but please do not attach your real wedding bands to your furry child.     Sure you can have her walk down the aisle (on a leash) but keep those rings in the best man’s pocket until the officiant requests them during the ceremony.  You never know when a deer, bird or random squirrel will appear and cause your dog to run off with the rings.
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