Meet the Team – Gabby

0073 Meet the Team - GabbyName: Gabriella Cavalli

Number of years in wedding business: Five years, starting with my sister’s wedding in 2004, followed by an internship, the opening of my own company and continuing education and coordination after moving to Denver. I’ve been with Save the Date Events for the past two years.
Favorite Wedding Detail: Firstly I would have to say the dress. I am a girl who loves fashion and everything to do with it. However, I don’t know if I would consider that a wedding detail-more a wedding necessity! Flowers, however, are my all time favorite part of the wedding day. Flowers can be so versatile and can make a huge difference in your décor. Not only do they smell wonderful, but a professional florist can create so many options with flowers that they can basically tie an idea into your wedding, or create the basis for your entire wedding theme.
Favorite Moment at Weddings: My favorite moment at the wedding is during the reception, after dinner and before cake. This is when the guests are happy and relaxed, chatting with friends and family, and possibly dancing. Often this is the time when the couple can truly take a moment, breath, and reflect on how their hard work and planning turned a regular day into their very own special day that will be remembered for years.
Favorite Colorado Venues: Arrowhead, Grant Humphrey’s Mansion, The Stanley Hotel

Five words that Describe me: Observant, Courteous, Creative, Happy and Loving
Five words that Absolutely do not Describe me: Strict, Rude, Boring, Up-Tight and Ignorant

My Starbucks order is: Tall Chai Tea Latte, extra milk

My Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with my friends and family, walking my dogs and shopping!