Party Time!

The graduation party on Friday night was a total hit! My client wanted a tropical beach theme and we pulled it off perfectly. From the sushi trays and fruit skewers to the tropical decor and drinks, it was a fun party.

I spent the rest of the weekends with my girlfriends in Vail. A fabulous spa day and warm weather snowboarding mixed in with a fun night at the bars and good food = a great weekend!

Tip of the day: When throwing a party at your house, do just enough cleaning to keep it comfortable. Doing serious cleaning during the party can make your guests feel uneasy and guilty for making a mess. No one expects dirty dishes and glasses to vanish into thin air. If the host/hostess is having a good time and is relaxed, the guests will follow. Consider renting plates/dishes so that you can send them back dirty, hire help for planning and clean-up, prepare your trash cans with extra bags in the bottom to make for an easy and quick swap. Your guests want to enjoy the time with you at your house, not watch you clean dishes and scrape food.