Perfect Day

Mixed+bouquet+from+Sarah+and+Jeff+wedding Perfect Day The wedding yesterday was absolutely perfect. It was so obvious that the bride and groom were meant to be together. All the vendors did an amazing job. I am so impressed with the photographers, the venue and the floral designer. The photographers stayed more than an hour past their contracted time and had a slide show of the ceremony photos (already photo shopped) displayed at the reception. The venue staff were fabulous. Serving a plated dinner for 250 guests so professionally and fast was impressive. One of my favorite floral designers created incredible bouquets and centerpieces. I have an extra centerpiece on my kitchen table. It makes me smile to see how beautiful it still looks. If you would like to know who created these amazing flowers, send me an email!

I won’t lie, my favorite part of the reception is the cake. I think dessert should be a food group. The cake was good, the icing was outstanding. Speaking of cakes, I’m on my way to a cake tasting right now.

Tip of the Day: Before you schedule appointments with a bakery or cake designer, get pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words! Look at bridal books, cake books, & online to find the perfect design for your cake. Cut out or print out pictures of what you like, especially if you like the shape of one and the details of another. Bring them with you to the appointment. Don’t try to describe it to the baker without a picture because what you’re thinking of is never the same as what they are thinking of. Don’t pick a cake just because it’s the same color as your wedding, your can easily change the colors, flowers and design to suit your taste. If you don’t have any ideas about cake or if it low on your priority list, your bakery will be able to show you their portfolios.