Post Wedding Blues

just-married-sign-on-limo-500x332 Post Wedding Blues

For months, wedding planning nearly consumed you. After you have returned from the honeymoon, you may also experience confusing feelings of depression even though life with your new spouse seems to be going well. Welcome to the post-wedding blues. While this doesn’t affect every bride, you may be surprised to learn that post-wedding blues are common for brides and even for mothers of the bride, especially if the mother was heavily involved in planning the wedding.

Here are a few tips to get you past the post-wedding blues:

1. Realize you’ve been through an intense period where the focus has been on romance. You are now in normal life mode, but that doesn’t mean romance has to end. Plan a romantic evening with your new spouse, perhaps for your first month anniversary. A nice dinner, along with a good bottle of wine or champagne, candles and your favorite music complete the mood. Thaw your wedding cake top to enjoy that evening. Or, arrange a weekend getaway.

2. Throw a post-wedding BBQ or cocktail party for immediate family members and close friends when your wedding pictures and video are ready. Show the video and hand out photos from the wedding. Relive some of those fabulous memories of the wedding day.

3. Scrapbook your wedding memories. Now that you have so much time on your hands, create a scrapbook of your wedding including pictures, an invitation, your place cards, table cards and other sentimental details from the planning process and wedding day.

4. It’s normal to feel some sadness or light depression for the first few weeks after your wedding and honeymoon. The key to getting over a post wedding letdown is to talk about your feelings with friends and family or with a professional counselor.

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  1. This is me right now! haha! So true! Love the party idea when pictures and video are ready! I’m on it! 🙂

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