Random Jobs of Wedding Planners

Colorado+wedding+reception Random Jobs of Wedding PlannersAside from standard wedding planning tasks, time lines, budgets and other details we coordinate as Colorado wedding planners, here are some of the random tasks we have done in the past month to help our clients enjoy their wedding weekend:

  • Called guests who were lost on their way to the rehearsal dinner and gave them complete directions. The bride and groom were able to enjoy the dinner instead of spending 20 minutes on the phone.
  • Created custom wedding favors for our June 6th clients. We couldn’t find exactly what they wanted so we created them ourselves.
  • Run wedding day interference between the bride and her mom. Emotions can run high, especially on the wedding day. We were able to diffuse the situation so that mom and bride could enjoy the day.
  • During a last minute rain storm, we handed out dozens of white umbrellas so that guests could stay outside for the ceremony.
  • Ordered and stored custom made floral vases, guest books and wedding programs for destination wedding clients. When you have a wedding in a destination location, it is helpful to have a “drop zone” for shipping and holding wedding items until the wedding weekend. This is a complimentary service we provide for our destination brides and grooms.
  • Assisted the rehearsal dinner site with changing all barware to more appropriate glassware. This is a small detail but we knew the bride and groom would not be happy with the original plasticware. The site changed to all glassware before the bride and groom arrived.
  • At the last minute, a venue decided we couldn’t hang candles from the ceiling even though they previously approved it. Thanks to Twitter, we knew the one florist in this mountain town who graciously sold us all of her LED battery tea light candles. We were able to get these to the florist in time to have hanging glass vases with candles. The bride never noticed the difference.

These are just a few of the many unusual tasks we have done in the past few weeks to ensure our clients have a perfect Colorado wedding weekend.

Debbie Orwat
Wedding Planner in Colorado
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