Real Reasons to Hire an Experienced Wedding Consultant

planner+bag Real Reasons to Hire an Experienced Wedding Consultant
Finding the perfect venue – Experienced coordinators have worked at MANY venues. We can tell you what will fit your budget, guest count and your style. Instead of spending 20 hours searching for and visiting countless venues, we can talk to you for 15 minutes then give you the top ten venues in Colorado that will work best for you. We can also schedule and tour venues with you. When we tour venues with clients, we help you envision what the space could look like, discuss possible décor elements, consider color schemes that fit with the venue and also determine logistical considerations that could affect the flow of the wedding.

Experience with vendors –We have worked with countless vendors in every category. We have worked with all the major caterers in town and can tell the pros and cons of working with each one, what they specialize in, what their pricing is like and also what inclusions they have. We have had cake from every single bakery and cake designer in town. We can tell you who the best fit is for your style.

Contracts and banquet event orders –Between all the charges, legal talk and details, you may feel like you are reading something written in another language. Experienced coordinators read contracts and event orders on a weekly basis. We can decipher what is included, what isn’t and what is missing. We know which company tacks on multiple extra service charges and which companies are missing key clauses in their client contracts. If you have a hired a vendor we haven’t worked with, we know what questions to ask to make sure the contract and event order is in the best interest of our clients.

Budget – Can brides create a rough budget from an online template? Absolutely. The downside is that it won’t reflect the Colorado wedding market, work with your guest count or take into consideration the style of wedding you want. Coordinators take time to know you, learn what you want, determine what you have already spent and establish what style you want for your wedding. With that knowledge plus our experience in the Colorado wedding market, we give you a real custom budget. For example, if cake and desserts are really important to you, we may budget $1000-$2000. If you want a small cake and a few sheet cakes, $500 might be plenty (those numbers could vary greatly depending on your guest count).

Resources – After years of experience, we can find practically anything you want for your big day. Whether you want a secret mountain venue that isn’t advertised or a band that can play polkas AND top 40, we know where to find it.

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Debbie Orwat
Denver Wedding Planner

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  1. This is great! And this can be said about hiring any type of professional as opposed to going at it on your own. After becoming a professional in my own industry I learned very quickly that hiring other professionals has incredible benefits! If only I had known these things when I got married! 🙂

  2. All of this is SO TRUE! I have been planning my wedding since I was 5, like most girls, but I had no idea how much work went into it until now! I would be totally lost without Debbie!

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