Referral Fees and Kickbacks

Theft Referral Fees and KickbacksKickbacks and referral fees are often a taboo subject in the wedding industry. My motivation for this post is based on a blog entry from fabulous Blue Orchid Designs. Here is the link to their full blog post which explains the subject completely.

At Save the Date Events, we never accept any kickbacks or referral fees. Our clients are trusting us to recommend vendors who are going to give them the royal treatment…not because we are going to make an extra $100 when the contract is signed. If a vendor wants to thank us for referring them, we ask the vendor to give the discount to our clients. If you do not have a planner or have not hired your wedding planner yet, read the fine print in your contracts and ask if they accept these type of commissions.

Another good point in the Blue Orchid article is about winning contests and awards based on your advertising dollars spent. Our awards for 2nd Place in the 2008 Denver 7 A-List and the Knot Best of Weddings 2008 award were not based on any type of advertising that we have done. We are very proud to have received these awards based on our professionalism and expertise in wedding consulting.

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