Royal Wedding Trends | Our Predictions

royal-wedding-trends Royal Wedding Trends | Our Predictions

 As a wedding planner and designer, we couldn’t wait to see the details of the royal wedding.   We loved watching it and can’t wait to see what trends come from this wedding.  Here are a few of our predictions:

1. Cakes – the size and detail of the royal wedding cake were incredible.  It was traditional white in color, but incredibly formal and detailed.  I predict we will see more formal cakes emerge in the next few years.

2.  Classic Cars – William and Kate took a ride in a stunning classic car after the ceremony. While we have been seeing more classic car rentals in the past few years, I think it will really increase now that brides have seen it at the royal wedding.

3.  Using trees as decor – they used fabulous trees in the church and it looked outstanding.  I definitely think this is going to be a fantastic trend that we will see for years to come.

4.  Kate’s dresses – The styles of both of her dresses are going to be popular for a very long time. 

5. Hair and makeup – Brides will definitely be wearing the half-up style more often after seeing Kate. I also think the tiara is going to make a come back. Kate’s natural makeup style is going to be the beauty look for many brides in the next decade.

6. Hats at weddings – I’m not sure America will adopt this trend but I think it would be absolutely lovely for wedding guests to wear stylish hats to weddings in the United States. 

What are your predictions for wedding trends that will be influenced from the royal wedding?

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  1. Totally agree with these predictions! And love the idea of Americans taking on the trend of wearing fun hats to weddings…why not!?

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