Save the Date Events Team | Day in the Life

IMG_1072 Save the Date Events Team | Day in the Life

Here at Save the Date, we love to stay on top of trends, constantly aware of the best and brightest vendors and understand how it works “from the other side”. We accomplish these goals by researching and frequent team meetings where we share ideas and experiences. Many years ago we started what we loosely refer to as our “Day in the Life” outings where we spent a few hours touring and learning the processes of other vendors from our industry – from catering, floral to entertainment (and everything in between).

Recently we visited Newberry Brothers florists for a tour of their greenhouses and storage spaces. Located in the heart of Cherry Creek, this company has been around since right after WWII (yes, that long!) and a full account of the history of this amazing business can be found on their website here. It’s very interesting as it follows the passing down of the business where it has remained in the family for multiple generations.

Newberry Brothers grow many of their own plants, including succulents, flowers and many trees. Not only do they offer floral, but they have an in-house design staff who can create many decor pieces with some insight from clients. Brides are encouraged to come in the day before their wedding to her their first look at her bouquet (we love this idea!) and Newberry Brothers is excellent with new forms of sharing ideas. They really love Pinterest, for example!

What do they see as an up and coming trend? The end of mason jars and vintage pieces and the resurgence of modern and stream-lined vessels and decor items. (We can’t wait to see it happen!)

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