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On our continuous journey to stay familiar with our local industry and be on top of trends, our team made a visit to Perfect Petal‘s warehouse in Denver. Perfect Petal began as local florist shop in the Historic Highland district of Denver, serving up lovely bouquets and personal arrangements. They expanded to offer delicate soaps, jewelry, and housewares artfully selected for a beautiful presentation. Although the company is about to reach its 20 year anniversary, the owner, Cindy, and her team still believe in offering stunning and original flowers to anyone – no matter their budget.

We recently got a behind-the-scenes look at their stocked-to-the-top warehouse located just outside of the city – and oh my, were we impressed! As we walked in, our eyes were immediately drawn to the different light fixtures hanging from the ceilings, to the hundreds of vases on shelf after shelf, and to the tumbleweeds perched on a balcony (that curiously, have a pretty story around their procurement.)

What are some trends that the Perfect Petal team see for the future in wedding design? They predict that weddings will be moving away from the vintage look and mason jars. They are starting to see weddings incorporate the burnished beauty of mixed metals, smoky glass, earthy elements, and modern vessels such as acrylic cubes. They also see a beautiful play of watercolors and a ton of love for the color lavender coming into the wedding design esthetic.

Not only does Perfect Petal offer flowers and design consultations, but they have limitless access to this giant warehouse of goodies – which can range from doors, benches, and escort card holders to topiaries. We were incredibly impressed with their selection and love that we were able to learn more about their aesthetic and creative process.

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