Short Wedding Dress + Killer Heels | Part 2

killer-heels3-500x312 Short Wedding Dress + Killer Heels | Part 2

Killer Heels are a MUST when wearing your short wedding gown! If you are having a vintage vibe at your wedding, opt for a funky vintage shoe (and help your bridesmaids find theirs too!) If your wedding is contemporary and full of bold lines, you could wear a striking satin heel in a bright blue or green.

It’s always a good idea to break in your heels prior to wearing them all day at your wedding. To do this, you can wear them around your house with socks on, so your feet can stretch the leather or fabric out and so you don’t get blisters while breaking them in. Practice walking on different surfaces – carpet, tile, wood and asphalt. After you wear them a couple times before the wedding, they will be a perfect mold to your foot and you will feel comfortable walking in them.