Short Wedding Dresses + Killer Heels | Part 1

short-wedding-dress-500x312 Short Wedding Dresses + Killer Heels | Part 1

We LOVE seeing brides wear what they want for their weddings! Pulling your own personal style into your wedding gown is a great idea in many ways; you will be most comfortable, the style of your gown will be flattering, and you will ultimately look better in your wedding pictures.

The newest trend in Colorado weddings is to wear a stylish short wedding gown with some colorfully fabulous heels! Designers pull off many different looks with short gowns, and “short” could mean many things!

Tea-Length is the longest version of a short hemline – it usually falls just below your knees to mid-calf. These dresses are often reminiscent of the 50s and kid-skin gloves. A Tea length gown can be conservative or modern, depending on how you style it.

Knee Length is just as it sounds. This dress falls to your knees and can include differing styles. For example, you could have a ballerina skirt (full and flouncy) or a pencil skirt (tight and sassy) or anything in between!

Mini Skirt – everyone knows what this is! The mini skirt is classified as anything above the knees, and sometimes much higher than that! This style gown is not for everyone – make sure your legs are nice and toned and you are wearing some killer heels!

Killer Heels is actually the topic of my next blog, so stay tuned!!