Stylish and Modern Bridesmaid Gowns

bridesmaid-dress-blog-500x312 Stylish and Modern Bridesmaid Gowns

Bridesmaid gowns are always thought of as the-dress-that-I-will-never-wear-again, and they sure don’t have to be! With today’s bridesmaid fashions, many of the dresses you can find are beautifully elegant and can work for another event or a night out on the town. In the above collage are some of our favorite designers, and we just adore these gowns. The styles and shapes we have found lately really range from floor-length gowns to mini-skirts. Traditionally the bridesmaids would all wear the exact same gown. However, there are contemporary twists to the old tradition. Bridesmaids can each wear different gowns, yet in the same color. It is also lovely to see the wedding attendants wearing a similar color to the bridal gown, such as ivory or champagne. The result is a stunning vision in ivory. Another unique twist is to coordinate the bridesmaid gowns with your theme. For example, at a vintage wedding the bride can have her attendants each wear a different vintage gown and but all wear the same shoe.

For more ideas, you can visit the lovely ladies at Bella Bridesmaid.

Designers found in this collage are:

Alix+Kelly, Jenny Yoo, Jim Hjelm, Lazaro, Lela Rose, Lulu Kate, and Vera Wang

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  1. I have to be honest – I wish I had a few more of these dresses in my closest (vs. the ones that are ah hum – collecting dust) 🙂 Great post!

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