Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

thanksgivingdiy-500x312 Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

thanksgivingideas1-500x312 Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

thanksgivingdecor-500x312 Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

thanksgivingideas-500x330 Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Thanksgiving MIGHT just be our favorite holiday. We love the anticipation of the dinner. We love the festive atmosphere of being sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. And we love turkey, stuffing and gravy! There are so many ways you can decorate for Thanksgiving in a DIY fashion, or at least for an affordable cost. Using items you can locate from your local farmer’s market or florist, you can wow the multitudes of visitors you will have on this special holiday.

From all of us at Save the Date Events, we wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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