The Debate of Venue Coordinator VS Wedding Coordinator

I just sent an email to a potential client explaining how we are different from the coordinator at your wedding venue. I’m posting that email here:

A venue coordinator does just that- she coordinates everything having to do with the venue – the catering, the tables, the food. Can you have a wedding with out an additional wedding day coordinator? Sure. Will you be stressed because of it? Quite possibly.

The advantages of a wedding day coordinator are huge. I even hired another coordinator for my wedding day so that I wouldn’t have to do all of it. These are the things we provide:

1-2 preliminary planning meetings to review details and time lines – make sure every detail has been thought of and is covered

attend the final walk-through with you at your venue – helpful to you because we know all your other vendors and know the intricate details of your wedding plus we do extensive time lines

1 professional coordinator and 1 assistant for the entire day (up to 10 hours) – every need you have will be taken care of. All the planning you worked hard to do is seamlessly managed by us.

email and phone support prior to the wedding – very valuable for you to be able to ask questions, get advice, run ideas by us

vendor recommendations and advice during the planning process – this is a huge time saver.

Instead of researching endless vendors and trying to figure out who fits in your price range and if he/she is reputable, we can easily give you the recommendations for reputable vendors who fit your budget.

comprehensive wedding day schedule creation and distribution – our 6-8 page itinerary packet speaks for itself.

confirm contracts and schedule with all vendors prior to the event – another detail that you don’t have to worry about the week prior to the wedding.

orchestrate your ceremony rehearsal – the officiant is great at doing the service but not always great at organizing the bridal party, showing how to escort guest, cuing the music, etc.

oversee setup of both the ceremony and reception venues – place cards, gifts, favors, flowers, etc

coordination of ceremony and reception events – allows you to relax and not worry about telling people what to do or where to go (including vendors!)

handle all setup and delivery scheduling – are the tables going to be setup and have the linens on before the centerpieces arrive from the florist? This is just one detail of many others that we make sure happens at the right time.

transportation of special items from ceremony to reception – why let those beautiful flowers go to waste? We’ll take them to the reception.

distribution of vendor payments – another detail you don’t have to worry about on the wedding day.

packing up personal items at the end of the evening (bouquet, guest book, gifts, etc) – venues do not do this for you. We make sure everything is safely packed into a designated car.

management of any emergencies or unexpected occurrences – last time I worked at their particular venue, it started raining during the ceremony. I was right there handing out my white umbrellas.

100+ piece emergency kit – speaks for itself

I feel like a salesperson but I think it’s just that I feel so strongly about the services we provide. Every couple who have hired Gabby or I for wedding day coordination have told us it was the best money they spent.