The Wedding Planner Workout

wedding-planner-workout-500x333 The Wedding Planner Workout

The Wedding Planner Workout

As we look back on the holiday season and look forward to a new year, we all thinking about resolutions and how to change what we are doing. For many of our wedding professional friends, that will include resolving to lose weight this year. Save the Date Events has some good news for you! We have compiled a workout that you probably already do. Lose those pounds, tone up and make money while you do it!


Weights and resistance training 

  • Chair-tie squats– 20 sets of 20 squats ( repeat for how ever many chairs you have to tie).

  • Reach for the Sky:  floral and fabric lateral pull downs– whether on a ladder or on the ground, reach for the sky 10-20 times to achieve a slimmer middle section.

  • Bent Leg Deadlifts– 20 sets of these will cover your workout for the day as you bring all of the wedding details into the building.

  • Straight Back Lift– tone your lower back as you bend over to light thousands of candles on the guest tables.

  • Linen Pulls– When removing linens from the tables, alternate which foot you have in front and do a slight lunge pull the linen and stuff it into the bag. This will shape your legs and upper body at the same time.

  • Rearranging Furniture– Perform as many times as your client’s request.  Add extra credit if you or your clients are indecisive.

  • Wedding Gift Curls– IMPORTANT: before performing this make sure the gift is not breakable! Alternate arms for 5 reps of 20.  Try to find heavier gifts to challenge yourself!

  • Bustle Biceps– as you tighten the bustle of your beautiful bride hold your arm position for an extra 30-40 seconds until you feel the burn.


  • Stair Stepping– 4 sets of 30 stairs will tighten your tush in no time.  If you are from Denver, this works great for weddings at Grant Humphreys Mansion.
  • Wedding Ceremony Intervals– At beginning of setup proceed from reception site to ceremony site at a leisurely pace.  Repeat this set 5-7 times. As vendors begin to arrive, increase your pace between ceremony site and reception location by double, an estimated brisk walk. Repeat this set 5-7 times. Ten minutes before the bride arrives increase the speed of your brisk walk for one last check of the ceremony site. Then repeat after the ceremony ends and before the reception begins.
  • Grooving to the Beat– You know when your favorite dance song comes on and you can help but move to the beat? Fifteen minutes of dancing can burn between 50-80 calories depending on how much you are getting down!
  • Great Gift Shuffle– Carrying all the gifts to the bride and grooms car or room will be your final calorie burning push for the night.

 Mental Workout

  • Don’t forget you will be burning calories as you tackle the dreaded task of alphabetizing the escort cards.


  • 15 minutes of laughter will burn 20 to 40 calories depending on the intensity of the laughter! Enjoying the festivities will also make the night go by faster.


  • At the end of the night you have truly earned that slice of wedding cake that has been staring you down all night!

We’d love to hear comments and suggestions for additional workout tips from our wedding planner friends.  Thank you to our resident workout expert Brynn for creating this fantastic and entertaining workout!

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  1. Brynn… that cracked me up because it is so true! You guys (i.e. wedding planners) usually do all this and TONS more!
    Thanks for making me laugh this morning

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