Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by the Bride and Groom {Part Two}

top+10 Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by the Bride and Groom {Part Two}

6. Stranded Dates – Don’t create a painful experience for your attendants’ dates. Seat dates together with the wedding party at the reception.

7. Wedding Party Expenses – There is the cost of bridesmaid dresses, travel costs, shower expenses, bachelorette party and multiple gifts. That can add up to a small fortune. Keep those expenses in mind when planning.

8. Pre-Party Invite Only – Inviting guests to pre-wedding events where a gift is required (i.e. bridal shower or engagement party) and then not inviting them to the actual wedding is a big no-no.

9. Stranded Guests – If your wedding reception and ceremony locations are far apart or far from accommodations, you should provide guest transportation.

10. Using Your Monogram Before Your Ceremony – Technically, you aren’t married until after the ceremony. Using a monogram with your married last name initial shouldn’t be used on invitations, save the dates or ceremony programs.

Debbie Orwat & Gabby Cavalli
Colorado Wedding Planners, Save the Date Events