Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by Wedding Guests {Part One}

top+10+two Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by Wedding Guests {Part One}

We’ve already covered what the bride and groom shouldn’t do.  Here are the top faux pas created by wedding guests.

1. Bringing Your Kids – If the invitation is addressed to Mr. and Mrs., your children are not invited.

 2. Arriving Late – Take into account extra time for traffic snarls, bad directions and last minute runs to the convenience store. If you plan to arrive 15 minutes early, you’ll most likely just make it. No one should walk down the aisle after the bride. If you arrive late, try to slip in quietly down a side aisle.

3. Not Giving a Gift – Sending a gift indicates your support and best wishes for the happy couple who are starting their lives together.  Even if you can’t attend, send a gift.

4. Your Ringing Cell Phone – It’s the height of rudeness to allow a personal call to interrupt any part of the wedding day.

5.  Rearranging Seating – As a guest, do not move place cards or rearrange the seating chart.

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Debbie Orwat & Gabby Cavalli
Colorado Wedding Planners, Save the Date Events