Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by Wedding Guests {Part Two}

top+10+two Top Ten Wedding Faux Pas by Wedding Guests {Part Two}

6. Waiting to Give a Gift – Contrary to popular belief, guests do not have a year to send a gift.

7. RSVP – RSVP does not mean you only respond if you can’t make it. It does not mean that you assume the bride knows you are coming. It should be mailed back promptly, preferably long before the date indicated on the card.

8. Toasts – Do not embarrass the bride or groom with inappropriate comments during a toast.

9. Getting Drunk – Don’t drink too much. You are there to celebrate with the newlyweds, not embarrass yourself and them.

10. Dressing Inappropriately – If the ceremony will be held in a church, guests may not be able to wear sundresses, short skirts, shorts, and other revealing or casual attire, including baseball caps. Do not wear caps, jeans, or shorts to any wedding except a very informal outdoor gathering.

Debbie Orwat & Gabby Cavalli
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