Unique Wedding Nail Polish

We have an addiction to fun and unique nail polishes – so we have pulled together a few of our favorite styles for brides to try on their special day!

1-light-glitter-nail-polish-inspiration-bride-wedding Unique Wedding Nail Polish

We love the hombre effect of the glitter on these nails! Start with a sheet pink and paint the nail until it is opaque. Wait until it dries before you begin painting the glitter on. Starting from the tip of the nail, brush a stroke towards the cuticle. Without re-wetting the brush, begin to pull the glitter from the tip of the nail towards the cuticle.

3-pearl-pink-and-silver-wedding-nail-inspiration-for-the-bride Unique Wedding Nail Polish

Bling in the ring! We love this look – only one of your nails for each hand will have an additional piece of jewelry. Paint all nails the color of your choice and add this nail piece using nail glue. (Nail jewelry can be found on etsy – or can be professionally applied at your local nail salon)

5-gold-sparkle-wedding-nails Unique Wedding Nail Polish

Simple glitter can go a long way! OPI has a plethora of glitter polishes, from tiny flakes (seen here) to big chunky flakes tha tgive your nails a mirror-like appearance.

7-mint-green-wedding-nails Unique Wedding Nail Polish

Minty green might be an unusual color for a wedding, but this cool green is pale enough to not be too over-the-edge!

hand-metallic-nail-polish-ring-silver-Favim_com-268010 Unique Wedding Nail Polish

Go achieve another mirror affect, go for a metallic polish! This style is more daring, but is certainly eye-catching!

wedding-nail-polish Unique Wedding Nail Polish

We love this sweet heart on the ring finger! You can use any color combination, but pale pink and white feels very girly and sweet to us – perfect for a bride’s day!