Wedding Colors

The colors you choose for your wedding day really set the style and tone for your event. The mood of your wedding is strongly influenced through your choice of colors. Color appears in every aspect of the wedding: the dresses, flowers, centerpieces, linens and the invitations. Carefully consider the following when choosing your wedding theme colors:

  • The location of your wedding and reception. Choose colors that complement the setting. Many event locations have neutral colors but some do not. For example, the Magnolia Ballroom is a stunning venue but orange or lavender just won’t look great in that room.
  • The mood you want to create. Vibrant colors add excitement, while soft colors induce a romantic ambiance. A red/pink wedding will be romantic. A brown/green wedding says natural and possibly casual.
  • Colors are symbolic. For example, green is the color of nature, fertility and harmony whereas red represents energy, strength, passion, celebration and energy.
  • The season you get married should influence your color scheme. Spring and summer colors are lighter, while fall and winter weddings lean toward darker colors.

Tip of the day: Before you choose bridesmaid dresses and visit the florist, decide what colors you are using for your wedding. Don’t choose them on a whim. Take time to look at pictures, invitations, scrapbook paper, paint color chips, etc. Research what different colors signify. Many times, a simple picture, invitation or flower arrangement is what a bride patterns her whole wedding style from. It is much easier to take the time now than to change your mind 2 months before the wedding!