Wedding Etiquette – Part Four

etiquette Wedding Etiquette - Part Four
You are not required to open your gifts at the wedding. Most couples open them as they arrive in the mail, or wait until after the wedding to do so. The only absolute must is a thank-you note – this should be sent out promptly as each gift is received. It is very important to the people who have sent the gift – not only will it tell them that you enjoy it and are grateful that they were thinking of you, but more importantly it will reassure them that you received it in the first place. If a thank-you note is not received, often people will wonder if their package was lost during shipment.

You should strive to write each note with the person to whom you are sending it in mind. It will go a long way to tell them that you loved the cast-iron pan they sent you, and that the first thing you will cook in it will be your husband’s favorite recipe. Never, ever send a pre-printed thank you card unless you plan on writing a special note to each person in addition.

Be sure to send thank you notes to friends and family who organize any showers or parties in your honor. It is appropriate to send them both a thank you note for the gift you received from them as well as a note to thank them for offering their home and/or time in creating such a special event.

We have one final post next Monday in our wedding etiquette series.  We will discuss how to deal with guests who don’t RSVP.  You can read part one, part two and part three of our blog etiquette series here.

Gabby Cavalli, Colorado Wedding Planner
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