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Wedding and Event Planning Pricing

All of our proposals are customized to the client’s needs.  For corporate, charitable and non-wedding social gatherings, please contact us for a tailor-made quote for your event.

Overview of Pricing for Colorado Wedding Planning & Design

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There is a lot of variation in Colorado wedding planning  and design pricing, and you will want to take this into consideration as you begin to plan your day. For example, a large (200+ guest) wedding on a ski mountain, with a reception at a separate location, and a large budget (generally involving more vendors and professionals) will involve much more work for the planner than, for example, a Denver wedding of 100 guests, ceremony and reception at the same locale. Overall, Colorado wedding planner pricing depends on location, guest count, budget, and logistics.

The “Getting Started” collection

Often couples aren’t sure even where to start or how much help they need.  With our “getting started” package we’ll sit down together over wine or coffee, talk through your ideas for the wedding day and figure out your priorities, style, likes and dislikes. Then we will project a detailed wedding budget based on what you told us.

Once you share the budget projection with everyone involved, we will start recommending venues that fit the your vision and budget. We will visit top venue choices with you and help you analyze the layout, style, location and cost of each so you can make the best decision. When you have decided on the venue, we’ll work with the venue on the contract logistics.

You may then go forward with us for the remainder of the wedding planning, but there is no obligation. If you do go forward with us, one of the benefits of doing the Getting Started package is that it is much easier for us to accurately project your pricing for full planning.

Full service design and planning

With our full service wedding planning and design, we are with you every step of the way, from our first get-to-know-you meeting all the way through to the reception cleanup. We’ll project and manage budgets, help you to create the overall design, design fun details, recommend and attend vendor meetings with you, keep track of the budget and vendor payments, coordinate all logistics and details, plus so much more. We will be on site at your final walk-through and rehearsal and will manage your wedding from start to finish.

Petite Planning

Petite or Partial Planning is a customized approach to wedding and event planning pricing and service.  With weddings, it is for the couple who have chosen their venue, may want to do their own design work, and are available for hands-on attention to their wedding – but need some level of expert guidance.  The package generally includes a set number of planning meetings or phone conferences with your planner throughout the planning process. You may use this time to have your planner attend vendor meetings, prepare or update the budget, review proposals from vendors, or just to check-in. It also includes custom vendor recommendations to match your style and budget, and may include professional design expertise and resources.  As with full planning it includes attendance at the final walk-through, creation of detailed event day schedules, and management and direction of your ceremony rehearsal and wedding.

Pricing for our Collections start at $1,500

A la Carte Services & Consulting

In addition to tailored packages, we offer hourly wedding and event planning pricing for anything related to your celebration, including venue search, budget projection, design guidance, vendor recommendations, contract reviews, coordinating guest activities, attending vendor meetings, site tours and more.

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