Wedding Guest Welcome Bags | Colorado Inspiration

welcome-bag-ideas-colorado-wedding Wedding Guest Welcome Bags | Colorado Inspiration

Every year, brides turn to Colorado as the destination for their wedding. Whether it is because of our gorgeous mountains and clear blue skies, or they are from the state, or just because they love everything about Colorado! We get it – we love living and working in Colorado. About half of our clients are from out of state, which means at least half of their guests are probably from out of state too. How do you welcome these guests, Colorado-style? With a guest welcome bag – Colorado version!

We love to include many things in these guest welcome bags. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A few of our more recent examples are in this post, but the goodies that are inside are Colorado-specific!

colorado-guest-welcome-bags Wedding Guest Welcome Bags | Colorado Inspiration

Make sure to include these fun details in YOUR Colorado Wedding Guest Welcome Bag:

– Altitude Tips – Many guests do not realize the effect altitude has on their day-to-day activities. Are you out of breath and don’t know why? Can you usually drink one glass of wine and feel just fine? Both of these we can blame on the altitude! Remember, we are 5,280 feet higher than sea-level states.

– Personalized Bottled Water – Colorado is actually a very dry state! Coming from other more humid climates, guests will immediately feel the differences in their skin and nose and will need to hydrate often.

– Shawls – This lovely state also has serious temperate fluctuations. Just this last week we experienced a balmy 75 degree day followed by snow the next day. Guests who are not expecting the temperature drop when the sun goes down will be prepared with the extra layer you can provide them with a lovely gifted shawl.

At Save the Date Events, our clients get the full benefit of our guest welcome bag goodies list. We want to make sure their guests are prepared and can truly enjoy the wedding weekend fully!