Wedding Lighting 101 | Part Two

colorado-wedding-lighting-4 Wedding Lighting 101 | Part Two

Wedding Lighting ColorsTake advantage of the effect color can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades through the course of the night. For example, if your cocktail hour starts at sunset, color the room with golden tones. During dinner, use soft lighting that will feel like candlelight. As the dancing begins, consider a more dramatic color such as pink, orange or red (depending on your color scheme).

Wedding Lighting Technique
The layout of your reception site will determine how you’re going to use lighting techniques. If dinner and dancing are happening in the same room, use a color wash to set the dance floor apart. If your reception site has sprawling ceilings, use pin spot lighting to keep the decor focused on certain details. Use a gobo light if you have a great monogram or motif to help tie your reception together.

Your lighting designer and wedding planner will help you figure out which type of lighting and colors fit your budget and style.