What Vintage Means to You – Part IV

vintage-blog-pics6-part-4-500x312 What Vintage Means to You - Part IV

The early 1900s in America was an era of daring styles – short haircuts and shorter skirts. Women had liberated themselves from the constricting corsets and skirts of the decades before, and now wore loose dresses and even pants!

Although the Great Depression was right around the corner, the years before it were a time of peace and prosperity. Many fashion houses were founded in this age, including Chanel. Coco Chanel, the founder, emphasized elegance and class. She is the lady who insisted that every woman need own a Little Black Dress.

Some designers whose dresses mimic those of this era include www.jcrew.com, www.lazaro.com, and www.clairepettibone.com. If you don’t want to cut your hair into a bob, it should be pinned back or styled to look like one. Wide, jeweled headbands were very popular at this time and would lend your outfit authenticity. Necklaces were very long, often falling to waist-length (pearls were popular).

Dark, heart-shaped lips are a must, as are smoky eyes. Blush should be light.

Bridesmaids can be dressed as in this style as well, with loose-fitting, knee-length dresses and long strands of pearls. Cloche hats would add extra oomph! (you can always find those on www.etsy.com)

To pull this style into your wedding décor as well, try and incorporate art deco styles into your table linens and tableware. This means stepped forms, sweeping curves, chevrons or sunburst motifs. Wedding colors should be bold and opulent. Feathers could be incorporated into your flower arrangements. Rhinestones or glass beads could decorate your tables.

Ragtime and jazz music were very popular in this era, so consider hiring a band who can churn out tunes that people will want to dance the Charleston to!

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  1. Gabby – this has been an awesome series! Great job! I love vintage stuff – and this is a great resource for anyone incorporating vintage elements in to their wedding!

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